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ool for undervolting and underclocking AMD Brazos platform (Zacate E-350, E-450 / Ontario C-50, C-60) APU's under Windows 7 (XP/Vista). By using it, you can achieve longer batterylife (lower power consumption) as well as lower processor temperatures.
You want a quieter, cooler and longer running system this is the software tool that will help you to improve yout hardware lifetime (quieter = less frequent running fans / cooler = about 10°C lower temperatures / longer = approx. 5-10% better batterylife)

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    Guest 4 months ago

    Will there be a BrazosTweaker version for Windows 10?

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    Pat Last year

    I got on you tube and typed in how to make my Acer c-50 faster and this is what I came up with. This program works great. You can take it out to 4g but I am running at about 2.3 g. Cpu running at 118 degrees. Running a lot faster. Thanks.